Vacation is over, Shipping as of January 5. TMC 800S #2, 4, 6

    • I will promptly ship orders made by Friday Dec 15, maybe Saturday morning.
    • I can  promptly ship orders made January 8, maybe sooner if I bail early on my Florida vacation.
    • Old Targus 800S (TMC) for sale.
    • 800S #6  $17 per 25pack
    • 800S #4  $17 per 25pack
    • 800s #2  $18 per 25pack

    Targus hooks came out of the same factory that supplied hooks sold under the Tiemco brand.  In the early 2000s they cost much less and were available in almost all the models Tiemco hooks came in with a few new exceptionally great designs.  The 800S are Ideal for Popovic's Surf Candies and they worked well for these Foam Divers, hooking and holding Tarpon, Snook, Redfish and Sea Trout.  They're strong enough to hold fish out of the Mangroves.

    Targus(TMC) 800S, Saltwater Foam Diver Flies
    $17.oo for 25packs of size #4 and #6, $18.oo for 25packs of #2
    The 800S  are great: heavy wire, strong stainless alloy, forged bends, slightly short shanks and long sharp drop points with the barb well forward of the bend.  If you have some Tiemco 800s from around 2005, these are the same hooks from the same factory and maybe the same production run.
    Here is the original faded yellow factory 1,000 package for these #2s
    Targus (TMC) 800S Stainless, XStrong, Drop Point in original 1,000 box



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