Danville Rayon Chenilles 16 sizes, colors
Danville Nylon & Rayon Chenilles 9 more
12 to 18ft, $1.50 some less

Danville Chenilles

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Rayon and Nylon Chenilles, Some are great Fluorescent Colors, XL to Small.  Most are 12 feet or 18 feet, most are $1.50 some are lower.

The courser Rayon Chenille fibers have a glossy sheen and don't seem to pick up or hold dirt.  

Intensely Fluorescent Nylon Chenilles and More Rayon Chenilles are on the second photo.   Chenilles labeled as Velvet, are not Danville Chenille and are good for making MopWorm flies with the Twisted Tail Loop - Fulling method.