Barbles 60 Jig Hooks and Matching Beads
KoreaSun 7060 Bass Stinger Hooks
Bead Head Rabbit Leech, Zonker Patterns
8 sizes Plated Counter Bored Bead Heads
Ice Dub 18 Colors
Dumbells and Bead Chain Eyes
3 Glow Bug Clowns, 16 Two Color Patterns
Glo-Bug Egg Yarn Yarn Colors
Cactus & Ice Chenilles Medium & Large
Holographic & Dyed Pearl Flashabou
Fly Tying Jig Heads
Foam:    Sheets, Cylinders, Blocks
Powder Coated Steelhead Jig Heads,Mustad 32833
KoreaSun Hooks Many Models & Sizes
Steelhead on 1/32 oz #6 Mop Worm Jig
Mylar Mesh Tubing
Bob's Banger Poppers & Variations
VMC 7250BN Predator Hooks, 3/0, 4/0, 5/0
Rubber Legs
Diver Popper Gurgler Clouser Patterns
Plated Salt Water Hooks
Big Hen, 10mm Spot on Painted Glo Bead
Steelhead Nymph Patterns
Steelhead Hooks
Steelhead Jigs
Steelhead, #6 Lon Tail Mop Worm Jig
Steelhead Tackle
Zonker 4pack, 43 inches $3.50
Cortland Clear Slow Sink WF I  7, 8 wt
Danville, Uni, & SuperFly Threads
Trailer and Tube Fly Hooks
KoreaSun Dry Fly Hooks #4 to #18
Klinkhammer Parachute Emergers
Gift Cards
Ice Wing and More Flash Wing Fibers
Poly Propylene Straight fiber Yarn