Barbless Hooks
Bass Hooks
Salt Capable Clouser Minnow
Bead Heads, Cones, Dumbbells & Bead Chain Eyes
Super Fine Dubbing
Dumbells and Bead Chain Eyes
Egg Flies, Glo Bugs, Nuke Eggs, Estaz Eggs, Bubble Eggs
Egg Yarn:  Glo-Bug Yarn and McFly Foam
Marabou, Large 1/4 Ounce Package
Flash and Plastic Chenille
Flashabou & Krystal Flash
Fly Tying Jig Heads
Foam:    Sheets, Cylinders, Blocks
Steelhead Jig Heads
KoreaSun Hooks
Mop Chenilles  $2.00 Large Packages
Spooled: Color Tinsels, 2 side Gold-Silver, Peacock-Orange, Copper-Blue, Wire
Bobs Bangers
Predator & Popper Hooks
Rubber Legs
Divers Poppers Gurglers Clousers Jiggies Schminnows
Saltwater Hooks
Steelhead Beads
Steelhead Flies and Jigs
Steelhead Hooks
Steelhead Jigs
Steelhead Stuff
Okuma Cascade, CS 7/9  -  3(3/4) inch
Okuma Cascade, CS 7/9  -  3(3/4) inch
Trailer and Tube Fly Hooks
Trout & Panfish Hooks
Wet Flies
Gift Cards
Wing Flash Fibers
Poly Propylene Straight fiber Yarn