Trailer and Tube Fly Hooks

Short Straight Eye Hooks and Up Eye Hooks that hook and hold fish securely.  The short shank causes these hooks to bite at a deeper angle and the short shank is a short lever arm making them harder to work or shake loose for strong fish like Steelhead or Salmon.

Main uses are for trailer hooks are on shank flies for Steelhead or Salmon, tube flies, pegged behind Beads, bait hooks or for Salmon Egg patterns. Many of these hooks are offset but they can be safely realigned straight with pliers if preferred.  

For Pegging Beads, I like egg hooks, a #6 for 8mm beads and a #4 for 10mm beads.  The #6 Sticky and the #4 TFS have slightly thinner wire and they set better for me and hold onto more of the fish that get hooked.