Steelhead Beads

Plastic beads with small holes to peg ahead of a Trailer Hook.  8mm beads are the size of the larger Salmon eggs and generally the best all around size.  10mm beads often get more hits in larger rivers, heavy flows or off color water.

Plain beads:  10mm $1.00 per 10pack 8mm $1.00 per 15pack,  6mm $1.00 per 20pack.  Available in 7 Glow Colors, Dozens of Clear,  Opaque, UV and Natural Colors.

Spotted Beads: Dozens of colors with a Brite Spot painted on:    8mm. 10mm  $ 1.00 per 5pack

Spot on Painted Beads:  A Painted White Glow Bead, 10mm or 8mm, with a brite contrasting color spot painted on.  8mm, 10mm  $1.00 3pack