Steelhead Beads

Plastic small hole beads to peg ahead of a Trailer Hook.  8mm beads are the size of the larger Salmon eggs but 10mm beads often get more hits.

Plain beads:  10mm $1.00 per 10pack 8mm $1.00 per 15pack,  6mm $1.00 per 20pack.  Available in 7 Glow Colors, Dozens of Clear,  Opaque, UV and Natural Colors.

Spotted Beads: Dozens of colors with a Brite Spot painted on:  10mm $1.00 per 4pack,    8mm $ 1.00 per 5pack

Spot on Painted Beads:  A Painted White Glow Bead, 10mm or 8mm, with a brite contrasting color spot painted on.  8mm  $1.00 3pack,  10mm  $1.20 3pack