Slow at Tippy Dam, Got 2 Trout on Jigs, Decemner 7, 2023

Only a few cars in the lot.  I had lots of room on the water for long drifts with float tackle.  Got both fish far downstream covering a lot of water.  If there had been more fishermen there, I probably wouldn't have got them.  If it had been more crowded there probably would have been more steelhead.

Brown Trout on 1/32oz #6 Nuke Minnow Jig, Tippy Dam, December 7, 2023

Steelhead Skipper on 1/32oz #6 Glow Pink head, Olive Marabou & Rubber Legs

Nothing hits on many colors of beads tried.  Spent a lot of time fishing the Nuke Minnow jig and got one 11 inch brown and I landed another hooked in the dorsal fin.  Got a 15 inch Steelhead Skipper on an Oliive Ruber Legs Marabou Jig with a Glow Pink Head pretty quick after tying it on.  There were a few small silver steelhead landed on the other side.

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