Bobbins, Scissors & Hackle Pliers
$9.00 to $2.50


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Westcott small (4 inches overall), Curved Scissors, $9.00  Titanium coated Stainless Steel,  Very sharp, Stays sharp, Easy to resharpen to be very sharp.

HareLine Ceramic Tube Bobbin  $10.00   The most trouble free bobbin, will not wear out or cut thread.

AnglerHaus Ceramic Tube Bobbin $8.00  Thinner tube bill work good for small flies.  Should be a trouble free bobbin.

Dr. Slick Long Tube Ceramic Inserts Bobbin $9.00  Good for large flies on long hooks.

Flaired Tube Bobbin  $4.50  The curve or the flair spreads out the thread wear to prevent formation of grooves that will cut your thread.  The thin tube works well for small flies.

Non Slip Hackle Pliers $3.50  Will grip hackle tips securely with the rubber pad in the jaws. No sharp pressure point to break the hackle tip.

Large Long Nose Hackle Pliers. $3.00  Somewhat harder to use, but perfect for making MopWorm Tails.  The thin long nose and extra weight is just the ticket for twirling the tail chenille twist tighter before looping it back to secure the tail loop before allowing the tail to twist back upon itself.

Large and Mini English Hackle Pliers $2.50