Back Filling Orders now, Great Lakes Jiggy variations made for Florida winter bass

Here are some Great Lakes Jiggy variations.  Hope some of them do well enough to earn the name "Stick Marsh Jiggy"  All on 1/0 jig hooks.

G.L. Jiggy Colors for Florida Bass


My favorite Jiggy and Clouser color patterns are in the bottom row, left to right:

1 White-Chartreuse, 2 Chartreuse-White, 3 Chartreuse, 4 Black-Chartreuse, 5 Pale Yellow Shiner, 6 Purple-Black, 7 Black-Gold, 8, Olive-Pink.  Smaller Clousers in color patterns 1, 3 and #4 have been my best for spawning Michigan Thumb Smallmouth, #1 best overall and #s 3 and 4 good in muddier water.

The bottom row are on a 1/0 KoreaSun 7362 Predator Hook with the eye bent up 60 degrees.  4.8mm brass beads for shallow weedy, snaggy water.  Middle Row is tied on a mystery Mustad hooks with extremely lite wire and fine sharp points.  Top row are on a VMC 7161, very god steel and points.  I would like to sell this a range of sizes for which the wire thickness is appropriate for fly fishing.  All these hooks are well designed with the barb well forward of the bend to hold fish well


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