Jig Hooks & Jig Heads

  • Small Lead Jig Heads for Float Fishing 1/80 oz size #10 to 1/8 oz size #2
  • Jig Hooks & Heads for Fly Casting
  • Jig Hooks for All Species:  Panfish to Musky, Fresh or Saltwater
  • Barbless Jig Hooks, 3 models, many sizes of Black Nickle 60 degree hooks $5.00 50packs
  • Powder Coated Lead Jig heads available on your choice of Mustad 32833 Steelhead hook or Sticky Sharp 1990BN 2X Strong Forged

  • Fly Tying Jig Heads, Powder Coated brass beads on 2XStrong Sticky 1960BN 60 degree jig hooks