Salmon Alevin Fly

Salmon Alevin imitations have been popular this spring.  I learned how to get the little eyes securely Super Glued on without getting any excess glue in the yolk sac.  That is important so the soft Glo-Bug yarn yolk sac will not obstruct the hook gap.  The key is a procedure is explained at the end, using the wax paper and the tools shown.  The Tan Yarn on top soaks up a precise bit of glue to make the fly durable but keeps the belly yarn clean and soft.

Alevin Fly Pattern, Materials and Tools
     Alevin Step 2) Body Tinsel wrapped
Alevin Step 3) Body counter wrap, head thread      Alevin Step 4) Mini Marabou Wing
Alevin Step 5) Egg Sac Yarn and Head Yarn      Alevin Step 6) Yolk Sack Yarn Trimmed

The Tan top yarn is tied mid head with 2 turns.  Then the Nor Vise is flipped upside down and the Orange belly Yarn is tied down with 2 wraps directly vertical over the Tan yarn Yarn wraps.   Remover the fly from the vise and trim the orange belly yarn to shape and do a preliminary trim of the top tan yarn.

  • Separate Eye Gluing Procedure
  • 1)  Lay an alevin on its side to the Right side of the wax paper.
  • 2)  Free a 5/16 inch sticky eye and set it sticky side to the right side.
  • 3)  With the steel bodkin, press the side of the point on the edge of the edge of the eye so it sticks, lay this also on the right side.
  • 4)  Pit a small drop of Super Glue (about 5/16 diameter) on the Left side of the wax paper.
  • 5)  Using the bodkin, set the sticky side of the eye down on drop of glue then lift it out.  Sometimes the eye will stay in the drop of wet glue.  Slide the point under the center of the eye and lift it out, not quite as impossible as it sounds.
  • 6)  Lay the sticky side of the eye on the side of the head so the front edge is against the edge of the hook eye and the center of the eye is a bit above the shank.
  • 7)  Use the side of a clean tooth pick to mash and massage the eye down until you notice that the glue has set.  Flip the fly over and repeat Step 6 on the other side.
  • 8)  Pick up the fly and use scissors to trim the top tan yarn even with the front and top edges of the eyes.
  • 9)  Set top edge of the eyes into another small drop of glue.  The tan yarn between the eyes will wick up some of the glue.
  • 10)  Holding the fly upside down (gravity pulls the glue to the top of the eyes).  Stick the hook point into the edge of a sizable piece of foam you can set down over the edge of something, keeping the fly upside down at all times.


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