Tippy Dam Brief Bead Bite April 30 2024

I got in above the coffer.  It was crowded with bottom bouncers, I was one few bobber guys to stick it out.  Not many fish jumping or being caught.  Several jigs didn't touch a fish.  First cast with an 8mm UV Orang Big Hole bead took the first really big steelhead.  

Big Steelhead, 8mm UV Big Hole Orange bead
Steelhead 8mm Glow Apricot Bead
Brown Trout 8mm Glo Apricot Bead

I tried trailing other color bead and flies behind behind it and got nothing until I retied with a single 8mm Glow Apricot bead with a UV Pink spot.  That took a smaller big male and a brown.  Before getting those fish I thought I had hits and 2 or 3 fish on for half a second or so.  I did have a foul hooked fish on for several seconds and my hook came back with scales on it.  Later many more beads and jigs got nothing until a 10mm Glow Apricot bead got another brown on the first cast.  All the effective beads were rigged with a UV Chartreues painted toothpick peg that showed through the semi clear beads for a Nuke Egg effect.


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