Big Manistee, Bright Steel Coming In 3/25/24

Water was up to 1900 Cubic Feet per Second and good Color.  Not many fishermen here on this Friday.  I saw one fish power up and over the coffer dam.  I watched a lot of guys hook fish before I finally hooked a bright Hen about 3 pounds on a #8 Rubber Leg Black Stone Fly Jig. 

Silver Steelhead, 1//64oz #8 Black Rubber Leg Jig
Marabou & Rubber Leg Steelhead Jigs

I gave up on the slower, shallower water at the tail of the pool and moved up to fish the faster, deeper and turbulent water upstream.  An Olive Rubber Leg Jig quickly hooked a good fish and I fought in  close where he broke off very unexpectedly.   A #4 simpler Olive Marabou, Black Flash Chenille jig quickly hooked another steelhead for a fes seconds before the biggest fish of the day took it.

Big Hen Steelhead on 1/32oz #4 Marabou Jig
Silver Steelhead on 1/32oz #4 Marabou Jig

I thought I was really going to run up the numbers but the last fish didn't come till a couple of hours later.  Back home, checking the flow rates showed that they came down 100 cfs at mid afternoon.  On my way out, the flow over the coffer dam and cascade didn't look high enough for fish to swim up over it.

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