Lower Huron River, Gar and Crappie Running, May 31, 2022

Very high and fast currents by the Flat Rock Dam, some Gar Pike breaking the surface.  I got a Rock Bass, a Gar Pike and 3 small Crappies all on a #2 White Opal Minnow Jiggy.  The Gar managed to get his upper beak wedged into the gap of the hook with the point and barb in some skin and flesh on the tip of his upper beak.  The last of the crappies I got by High Sticking the heavy jig fly along a shoreline eddy line, Euro Nymphing style.  The rest of the fish came to random, haphazardly slapping the fly into likely holding spots and getting some kind of drift or retrieve while hopefully keeping some contact with the fly.

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