Hudson Lake Bass in Shallows on Poppers, June 5, 2022

Tried 4/0 Banger Poppers on heave tackle for Muskies with none showing.  When I tried for bass with a 3/0 Marabou Banger also nothing.  There were many small Bass in with the spawning Bluegills in the shallows below high eroded clay banks.  Bigger ones were also in there and they all were hitting a #2 Lime Mist mop Worm Popper without hesitation on a retrieve of a steady rhythm of medium pops.  Finesse or pausing the retrieve was a waste of time.  The Bluegills were harassing the popper also but too small to get hooked.

I caught and lost this amazing Bluegill-Green Sunfish hybrid that flopped off the deck and shook the barbless popper.  Later got this Green Sunfish (pure blooded?)

Green Sunfish are never stocked but are native to small slow streams and connected waters.  The larger mouths and blue squiggles on the side of the face are sure identifying marks.



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