Huron Steelhead and Bass April 25 & 27

Center Pin Float fishing with beads, 8mm Opaque UV Chartreuse was hot, 3 for 4 on good sized bright leaping, partly  spent hen steelheads and a dark male.  2 smallmouth bass on the same bead.  Two guys did well casting silver spoons and spinners, they left with 4 on a stringer.  Another center pin guy got a very bright hen just after I got there on a 10mm chartreuse bead,  that fish vomited out five fresh silver 2 inch emerald shiners while he was releasing it.  I also snagged a handsome big 2.5 inch darter.

Two days later I spent the first 2 hours of the evening fly casting down and across swinging a #4 two inch Pearl White and Silver bead head fly and later trailing a smaller #8 Black-Red Head Leach behind the heavier fly.  As soon as I ran a couple of swings with the black trailer, it hooked a steelhead which got off, a few cast later I landed a dark male that was foul hooked on the smaller trailer fly in the belly.  That fish must have seen the bigger white minnow pattern more or less in his strike zone, maybe rose to examine it without striking, and gotten hooked in the belly by the trailer fly after refusing the larger lead fly.  I switched over to beads fished on Float Tackle and got nothing till I switched out the point bead to a little smoking hot fluorescent chartreuse 6mm bead.  I quickly hooked 3 good sized fish, the first two presumably got off of the small hook behind the smaller point bead.  The last fish I got in was a stout Quill Back Sucker hooked high on the face so he probably didnt go for the bead but just got hit by the hook on the smaller, stealthy offering.  Trying Spinners next time.  

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