4 Days at Near Peak Tippy Dam Crowds April 15 to 18

I fished with Jeff Bonin and his church group.  He caught so many fish and was also able to get 4 newbe kids to hook, fight and land their first steelhead.  He was working with them in the difficult water upstream where beads were hot and an occasional fish took the jig in a jig and bead tandem rig.  UV Chartreuse was maybe the best of several UV orange and UV yellow beads that worked.

I mainly fish easier water down stream.  Over the 4 days, I got a total of 9 steelhead and a couple of smallmouth bass all on jigs until the last evening when I got a modest leaping hen on a bead in the fast water upstream.  Sticking with my Brown Rubber Legs Jig so as to be ready when they happened to turn on was my main pattern.  On my best day 2 of 4 fish took a White Mopworm Jig at the peak of a brief hot spell. 

On maybe the toughest day, I saw two males busy fighting until they settled down for a break, 12 inches beneath the surface in an 8 foot deep eddy, side by side 4 feet apart, just watching each other.  I looked through my box for something a steelhead might consider to be worth fighting with and tied on a much larger 8 legged version of Jeffs Brown Jig.  Drifting that big jig near the bottom in a faster current, my 3rd and 4th casts both hooked steelhead, only the first one staying on for the whole fight to get landed.  Later switching back to the medium sized 4 leg version got another steelhead eventually.  


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