Chartreuse Beads Hot on the Huron, April 8

Huron River Steelhead Mopworm Jigs Pegging Beads Steelhad Beads Steelhead Steelhead Jig


Huron Steelhead hitting chartreuse beads and a very bright Opaque Chartreuse UV bead was hot.  I lost a huge silver hen after I pressured her in close, she ripped of a run ending in a high thrashing leap breaking off.  My drag was set too tight after I screwed it down to pressure in a stubborn male that took a Mopworm Jig after the first few drifts of the day.


During the long slump when I was pounding the run with the Mopworm Jig, then with jigs ahead of various trailing beads (that were not chartreuse).  I got this Quill Back sucker.  He was hooked right on that odd tissue patch on his nose right above his mouth.  That looks like some sort of sensory organ that they bump against a suspected food item, then inhale it if its food.  Their small mouths are pointed more forward than other suckers and the only other one I ever saw had taken into his mouth a fly fished under a bobber on the Big Manistee.

After losing the big hen and another good fish on Chartreuse Glow Beads, I got this medium small Male on a 10mm Glow Chartreuse bead. The #4 hook is in the back side jaw of the fish, The 8mm bead is on a 30 inch trailer line off the #4 hook behind the top big 10mm bead.  There are a couple of shot below the float.  Everything is adjusted hang the 10 mm bead maybe 12 inches of the bottom so the trailing bead only occasionally touches bottom. 


A regular on the Huron joined me fishing an Opaque UV Chartreuse bead I had given him yesterday.  He quickly got 3 steelhead, I put on one of those beads and lost another fish before getting my last steelhead.  He also got another steelhead.

While things were slow, a very large garter snake appeared on the now sunny bank, moving down the waters as I followed taking pictures.  The sloping muddy bank was too slippery for her to climb until she got to a place were tree roots and stick litter gave here some traction.  A beggar duck was following me as I followed the snake.  During this 3 player dance, the duck and snake regarded each other respectfully without hostility or any indication of significant fear.

The evening before I caught 2 small bass on the Mopworm while Brad got steelhead on chartreuse beads.



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