Bass Popper Bite has Started, May 11, 13 & 14

I put my kayak in Lake St. Clair, Huron River Cutoff.  The boat launch was closed but I couldn't fish the Boat Launch or Cutoff Bays effectively because a south wind blew a rough chop in from across the whole length of the lake.  I got one of two bass hooked in a shallow weedy back bay protected from the waves.  

Plan be was to try Black Creek Bayou.  I got one bass on the sheltered south rip rap shoreline that was dredged deeper.  The wind died and shallow weedy shorelines were HOT!   Bass were in scattered lilly pads and weed beds near the cat tail bordered shorelines.  Last hit was a good pike that bit through my short bite leader of 25.  I probably made it easier for him by pulling too hard.  All hits for the both days were on a White 2/0 Popping Wedge.  I got video which I haven't edited yet.  I hope to be able to post it later.

Friday I tried "Portage Pond" in Sterling State Park.  Weeds were choking off almost all the water that wasn't too shallow. The water was 2 feet lower that last time I was here and carp were spawning EVERY WHERE in the weeds.  Only a short bit of water over a flooded gravel road was productive and I got some bass there and lost the best one hooked.

Most bass took the 2/0 White Popping Wedge very deep, First bass on Thursday was hooked and bleeding from the gills when I released him with out stopping to get his picture.  Broke of the barb for all the fishing after that, only a couple of bass shook off.  No picture of one that was bleeding from the gills after I unhooked him on Friday.

May 11, I was on a shallow Huron River impoundment that is good for bass, pike and most other species, usually in a narrow time window as the explosive spring weed growth dictates where it is possible to fish.   It drizzeled most of the afternoon and I only took a picture of the last bass of 3 landed among some other good ones hooked and lost. I also landed a decent pike.  All fish were on a 1/0 Purple Popping Wedge.

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