Lower Huron River May 10, No steel, 4 other species

Float Fishing

The lower Huron River can get spring and fall runs of several species moving upstream out of lake Erie.  Sometimes huge numbers of fish but more frequently just a few fish.  Big numbers of Steelhead and Red Horse Suckers this spring.  In the past I have seen rare rushes of huge numbers of Walleye, Channel Cats, Blue Gills and Eurasian Ruff.  Big runs of 11 to 14 inch shad are common.  Some White Bass show up for a few days.   A few medium to big Smallmouth bass are common along with a rare big Large Mouth Bass, Pike or Musky or Carp.  Everything hits beads or jigs fished under a float when steelhead eggs are in the water.


Very fat little Smallmouth stuffed with steelhead and sucker eggs along with little emerald shiner minnows that ran up in big numbers.  This fish was too fat to fight well.

This native, big Red Horse Sucker is not a Carp.  No barbels by the lips, no thick bony first ray on the dorsal fin and it has the oversized anal fin that appears to be speckled with grit.  The smaller ones, males I guess, are more slender and look more like suckers.

White Bass and Smallmouth bass eat drifting Steelhead eggs imitations.

My first fish on this Foam Head Nuke Minnow fished as a trailer behind a bead.  I has about neutral buoyancy and stayed off the bottom well, allowing me to fish the bead closer to the bottom.

This Spring, using mostly beads under a float, I also got a big Carp, a Lake Perch, White Suckers, Quill Back Suckers, and saw a couple of Darters, a handsome bottom minnow.


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