Poppers in Huron Hot Spot, May 17, 2021

Bass Poppers Kayak Bass Pike Popping Wedge

I fished a shallow difficult to access Impoundment on the Huron River.  I put my kayak in at a shore fishing spot on a shallow oxbow that connects to the river. There were bass right there in the very shallow weedy water.

Down toward the river, there were homes on the firm bank and an expanse of weed choked water back toward the inside of the oxbow bend.  The river fractures into a fan of channels at the upper end of this expansive but shallow impoundment.  Upstream into the first small serpentine channel, the water was deep and colder, and appeared sterile as it flowed slowly around sand bars and log jams.  Probably it was another large mouth that came for the popper after I worked it back from a log jam out over deep water.  On an outside bend of the bigger main channel, I found more bass and small pike casting from deep water to the high bank on an outside bend of the bigger main channel.  The best fishing was further downstream, in the various slow current channels of the spreading delta, casting to the medium deep weed edges or wood cover. 

 Perhaps the smallest pike blasted the popper and cut through my 12 pound leader before my inhibited hook set connected with any force. The hook was not set at all and a little later, the popper floated back to the surface about 12 feet upstream from where he had hit.  I use a 2/0 White Popping Wedge the whole day.  To save it from all the small pike, I tied on a bit of 25 pound which makes a marginal bite leader.  The biggest of the day hit came later after my camera-phone battery was dead.  He came off the hook after a few seconds of me keeping gentle pressure on him (to keep him from cutting the marginal bite leader). 

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