Walk The Dog Fly Testing Part 2, Point Mouillie, October 3, 2022

Fly rod popper bass Fly rod surface pike

My Brother In Law, an accomplished photographer, and canoeist accompanied  me to photograph and video the action of some fly lures and get some bass and pike hits at higher zoom than my cellphone videos.  He got this great series of still shots of the 6/0 Banana Dog, sashaying across the surface Left, Right, Left.  Amazingly, nothing was there to blow it up in the lily pads where we tried it. 








You can see it turns to one side with a short crisp strip.  Its sideways position in the water sets it up for a harder turn back the other way on the next strip...= Walk the Dog.  Essentially you are jerking it while it is broadside and it pushed and throws water to disturb the surface. The numbers to the right of each frame are the orders each photos was snapped.

It over does it some times, broaching, diving or popping, maybe landing facing more backwards than forward occasionally. 




The video he got of even small bass hitting poppers was great. 

The 4/0 Agent Chaos prototype worked pretty good at darting left, right, left while disturbing the surface.  A low wind day allowed it to be cast accurately and a heavy 50lb bite leader seem to improve the action.  It and the poppers got blown up by some pretty big Bass and Pike.  I also caught some good sized ones.  I am confident that I can put the curved forehead shape on the easier to tie silver bullet body to get a good walk the dog action lure.

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