Summer Run Steelhead June 13, 2023

I heard they were in but practically no cars in the lot.  Couple of guys in the downstream corner on our side of the river.  A couple of guys in a boat anchored across from me casting plugs.  After not getting anything for hours I knew plugs would be more likely to break through than the relatively subtle jigs I was drifting.

A big fast fish took a plug, leaping and racing around the pool before breaking off.  A couple more hours laterI tied on a big Size #1 Opal Minnow Jig I had tied for Salmon this past fall.  I moved up to the faster snaggy difficult water upstream.  Second cast the bobber went down, my drag was set too tight, he turned and ran breaking off.  I had one more big Opal Minnow Jig.  A few cast later I started reeling it in fast as it swung over a shallower rock garden and she took it.  I waded through the basketball sized boulders to beach her down stream.

Materials, tools for simple Opal Minnow Jig or Fly Pattern

This Opal Minnow jig is tied to balance hang and swim horizontal under a bobber of a strike indicator.  The weight forward design works well for all species that eat minnows when fly casting using a rip and fall retrieve.  Opal Mirage Flashabou moves through the water as bright as silver but with those great pearly colors.  This more sparse, more subtle Salmonoid version only has 2 shot strands for the tail and 1 long strand folded around to each side of the wing.  For other predators I put a total of 8 long strands, 2 folded to each side of both the wing and the tail.  Opal Flashabou is plenty strong flowing freely in a wing or a tail but is always easily cut by trout teeth when wraped for a body.

Bead Head jig fly pattern for under a bobber or fly casting



  • Opal Minnow Jig
  • Hook:     60 or 80 degree Jig or Down Eye Fly Hook as desired
  • Under Body Thread:   210 Denier  Fluorescent Yellow Chartreuse
  • Tail:           2 short Opal Magnum Flashabou strips
  • Body:        2 strand Opal Magnum wrapped forward
  • Rib:      Fine silver wire counter wrapped to protect delicate body tinsel
  • Collar Thread:  140 Denier FlyMaster+  Fire Orange
  • Wing:     White Bucktail Tied behind the bead up in the gap medium sparse
  • Wing Flash:  One Strand Magnum Opal folded on to each side of wing, more strands on predator patterns.

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