Point Mouillee SGA Kayak Bass Fly Fishing

Busy Saturday afternoon after work.  I was 3rd in line to launch my Kayak, The two guys ahead of me had a total of 9 rods.  Should I expect to get out fished 9 to one or just 2 to 1?  I paddled hard only stopping to fish quickly to the edges of 2 spots before reaching the far dyke more than a mile to  the east. 

Fishing shoreline cover that was difficult or near impossible to reach by kayak or on foot respectively, I hooked 3 good bass loosing 2 while pulling upward really hard but easily landing the first one.

I worked though cattail labyrinths thinking I was working back toward the launch but actually being blown to the north by a wind from the south.

Small pike became active and I landed 3, two of which were easy, hooked with the popper outside their mouths.  I was gathering up all the pike tools while the 4th one was cooling his heels a couple of rod lengths out when he blasted 4 feet into the air shaking like an olympic 10.0 and shook the popper loose.  I had one bigger than average pike rush a popper close to the kayak but he wouldn't come again for a cast back.

The last good fish was almost 20 inches and hit just before dark.  I did a good job keeping her under control without pulling any harder than needed.





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