New KoreaSun Curved Nymph Hook, More sizes of Trout & Small Jig Hooks $4.00/50pack

I have the new KoreaSun 7023BN 1X Strong curved nymph hook sizes #6 down to #14.  Straight eye, nice curved shank and long points with the barb well forward of the bend to hold fish well.  Points are long enough to hold fish well if the barbs are bent down or broken off.

KoreaSun 7023BN Curved Nymph Hook

  • I also got in more sizes of KoreaSun trout hooks $4.00 per 50pack:
  • 7023BN straight eye heavy wire long point Curved Nymph Size #6 down to #14
  • 7018BN straight eye curved shank Klinkhamer Emerger now #6 down to #18
  • 7052 down eye Curved Light Wire Scud now #8 down to #18
  • 7013 Straight Eye Dry now #6 down to #14
  • 7021 Heavy Wire Wet Fly now #4 down to #12
  • 7010 & 7011 Standard and 1XLong down eye Dry Fly hooks, #6 down to #16
  • Barbless, Barbed KoreaSun Black Nickel 60  Jig Hooks $5.0050pack
  • 5220BN Barbless Straight Shank & Point #4 down to #112
  • 5230BN Barbless Wide Curved Bend and Point #8 down to #18
  • 5240BN Barbless Short Sahnk Xwide Gap #8 down to #18
  • 5218BN Barbed Straight Shank & Point long point #4 down to #12



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