Planning for Smallmouth outing.

On this club trip to the tip of the Thumb, I fish a lot of spots from the Quaniccasee River to Light House Park on the other side of Grindstone City.  Thursday, day one, Quanicassee is the first stop where I fly fish top water poppers for Large Mouth Bass and an occasional Pike bonus or curse.  The afternoon or evening I will try Caseville Pier for mainly Smallmouth on flashy Clousers or similar Bead Head bucktail streamer flies that fish hook point up.  I will post some fly pattern photos Wednesday evening. 

The Caseville Harbor camera just showed a couple of guys casting at the mouth and one quickly caught and released a bass that was NOT small!  They were probably throwing finesse plastics.

Then I paddle the Kayak up the Pigeon river to fish shallow flowing water where the fish prefer some shallow water finesse fly patterns.

Friday weather looks like light south to South East winds which may be the best day to try for spawning Small Mouth in Eagle Bay.  I start the day with dark natural Clousers in bottom minnow colors and later flashier white Emerald Shiner Clousers fish faster and higher in the water column.

Saturday and Sunday depend on what is going on with the weather and the fish.

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