Two Trips, Musky Skunked, Sluggish Bass Barely Eat Popper

About 3:30 PM hit the Clinton River Cutoff Mouth.  Dark, drizzling, cold and the wind was cooperating.  But the rain had muddied the Clinton River had turned the bay to the color of strong coffee with cream.  Fished a hot spot with a 5/0 White Dive Banger ripping it in hard pops to try to get noticed.  Same in the near shore corner of the old boat launch bay. Out the long rip rap Break wall on the far east of the bay had better water clarity but no bait fish seen and not one fish moved to 5/0 or 2/0 Dive Bangers.

Metro Beach Black Creek backwaters is only 5 miles away.  Lots of Largemouth Bass and some Pike are always there.  The water looked good.  I Sometimes get to report something like "After approximately 3 cast the popper got hit by.....".   I decided to actually count the cast today.  After about 327 cast and retrieves, the popper was resting on the water under the rod tip when what appeared to be a small bass swam through it.  He didn't seem to actually wanted to hurt it.  Similarly what looked like a Bluegill did the same thing 20 feet down the cattail edge. 

Kayaking wiht Trumpeter Swans

This Swan species holds its neck straight up and down and unlike our common Mute Swan, these Trumpeter Swans were grumbling loudly that I had taken over a cattail edge that was sheltered from the North wind.

Nothing else till near 8:00 PM and many more cast.  I was retrieving the 2/0 Dive Banger when I saw a good sized wake from a fish slowly swimming just below the surface behind it.  I pause and waited, the hit came and I got him.

Sluggish Bass 2/0 White Dive Banger Popper Fly
Not far a way I became aware of a fish oddly swimming with his fins gently stirring the surface behind my popper.  The strong wind had caught the kayak and I kept 10 feet of line out while twitching or making the popper dive and he kept following for 10 feet until he seemed to sort of strike it.  I set the hook to nothing and casting back raised nothing.  I thought it might have been a Bowfin but I was not fully tuned in to how weird and sluggish the bass were tonight.   further down the cattail edge a smaller bass hit and I had him for a second.  In the same little area I got a bigger bass and a smaller one.
Cold Water Kayak Bass Dive Banger Popper Fly
I landed 2 more smaller bass before the last bass hit after a retrieve while I was leaving the popper out there and paddling one handed to reposition the kayak against the wind.
The retrieve that seemed to work was 3 pops a little softer and at a slower cadence than I usually do then pause, then repeat that pattern until a longer pause at the end of the retrieve.


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