12) Clinton River Cutoff, Popper Pattern for Bass, no Muskies 7/27/20

Kayak Bass Marabou Banger Popper

There were very few trailers at the public boat launch Monday afternoon.  I launched there to take advantage of the short carry for my kayak and short walk to a parking spot.  The little emerald shiners had finally started to come in, bringing more bass with them.

There are three marinas built out into Lake Saint Clair there.  When power boat traffic is light, their built up riprap or steel retaining walls make sheltered bays around the boat launch and the Clinton River cutoff outlet.  I fished those riprap walls where the west wind was partly blocked.  I finished the afternoon with about 10 bass, all but one were largemouth from 11 to 17 inches, a few from both bays but most from the sheltered east side of the eastern most marina.  There  were about a dozen bank fishermen up on that wall.  I went a little down the shore from there. That water was much clearer, I should have tried for  musky there. 

I got  a nothing on 10 inch 5/0 Chartreuse Musky Banger.  I switched to a 3/0 White Bob's Marabou Banger and immediately started getting bass hits, many hits were light, even down right sneaky.  Lots of the light hitting fish I missed or they got off.  I should have tried my smaller 2/0 Banger.

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