Kayak Pike & Bass on Popper Fly May 3, 2024

Sand Hill Crane, Eagle Nest on right

Sand Hill Crane Foraging on left, Eagle Nest on Right.  In the first patch of cattail cover, I  took the first Pike, a crappie and the first bass on a 4 inch 1/0 White Bead Head Jiggy Bucktail fly pattern. 

Kayaking Cat Cail Cover for Bass Pike
Kayak Pike 1/0 White Jiggy
Kayak Bass 1/0 White Pike Jiggy
Kayak Crappie 1/0 White Pike Jiggy

Moving to the the long rip rap dike, I hooked and lost a few more Bass.

Point Mouillee SGA Long Dyke West End

Long Dyke neat the Boat Ramp looking West.

I paddled up wind to the shallow end of the Dyke and switched to a floating 3/0 Silver-White Dive Banger popper. That got hit regularly and I got the biggest pike of the day and the best bass landed.  I also twice busted the leader on hook sets.  Both times I was able to retrieve the fly after it floated back to the surface a few seconds later.  I cut off the leader I had been using since at least February and replaced it with fresh 12 pound fluorocarbon and another 40 pound bite leader.  I finished the evening with 4 pike and 5 bass over 13 inches.

Point Mouillee SGA Long Dike East End

Near the East end of the LONG Dyke looking back West, Nobody fishing today.

Kayak Pike 1/0 White Jiggy Fly Pattern
Kayak Bass 1/0 White Pike Jiggy Fly Pattern

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