Huron River Stocked Trout Rematch, April 17

Sunday I put in at the Proud Lake public access and paddled across Lower Proud L Lake to briefly drift down the outlet channel.  I caught a brown and lost another trout on a #8 Brown MopWorm Leech Jig.  Below the dam, I drifted through and fish mediocre looking water, paddling through shallower water. 

At a good Marsh hole, nothing was jumping and it took a while to connect with a #12 Bead Head Brown Drake swimming Nymph that worked so well last time.  I got more fish as the trout became more active.  When they were jumping well, I got nothing on dry flies.  The water was lower and clearer and the fish had been pressured more.  When a trout took up a position in the mid channel current and I cast upstream to drifted any fly toward them, they would move back to deeper water toward the far bank.  In general, I had to cast further and cover more water to connect with trout.  The hits were softer in the slower flow and I missed many.  Many fish came off during a stubborn fight.  I  landed 11 more, mostly browns, on the #12 Brown Drake Nymph and got one on a #8 Bead Head Brown Marabou Leech Jig. Running a Bead Head Midge dropper under a foam head dry fly hooked a fish which got off after a long fight.

A few fish rose for midges in eddies along the far bank.  In the past I have got a few of them on tiny dry flies.

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