Huron River Steelhead, April 10, 13, & 19

The first 2 days, I was out fished by over 2 to 1 when I shared a spot with any competent fisherman.  I continued fishing long after they had left and managed to get one fish each day on an 8mm bead, either  bright or pale Yellow UV Painted Glow Beads. 

On April 19th I fished mostly without any serious competition and I hooked 6 fish fair and landed 3 of those.  After I release the first Hen, the next drift I hooked a hen that jumped and looked just like the one I had just released down stream.  I thought it was fair hooked but it soon became clear that either the hook had slipped and rehooked the fish foul, or it had always been foul hooked.

As is often the case here, Chartreuse beads were the key.  2 of the landed fish and the last one to get off were on the 8mm point bead, UV Chartreuse.  One landed fish was on the top bead, 10mm Glow Chartreuse.  I fish that 2 bead rig all afternoon and evening.  Brad had out fished me earlier and he fishes his beads very close together.  I moved my beads closer to about 20 inches apart and that worked well. 

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