Farm Pong BlueGills and Bass

This local farm pond used to have very big Bluegills and Pumpkin Seed Sunfish.  Lately blue worm containers have been left littering the bank.  Today, this spring, there were no more worm containers an no big Bluegills left. 

I started with a #4 Lime Mist Mop Popper that seemed good for 6 quick fish, but none took early in the retrieve, they all took on a dead stick pause at the end.

Farm Pond Bluegill Mop Worm Popper Flies


Pretty soon no more fish would even give it a look.  I tried one foam Lip Klinkhammer emerger that was absolutely ignored.  A trimmed down October Caddis pattern nailed fish after fish on a slow sub surface strip-pause-strip retrieve.  Catching the one big bass, many of the abundant smaller bass and all sizes of bluegills.


Farm Pond Bluegills October Caddis Dry Fly


Farm Pond Bluegill October Caddis Dry Fly

As the evening came to a close I tried a #4 Hexy Mop worm Popper and it was hit well by Bluegills and caught several of the common 8 to 10 inch bass.  A 3 pops - pause sequence would get hit throughout the retrieve.  The 2 times Ive tried this Hexy Mop Worm Popper, it has performed well above expectations and other flies tried.  I'm looking forward to the hex hatches on Lake Saint Clair, Erie and the big connecting rivers.


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