Detroit River Island for Bass June 12, 2022

I paddled out from the defunct Ecorse Rowing Club launch which is now incorporated into the Wyandotte Park and Shore Fishing Access.  About a half mile out was Grassy Island Wildlife Refuge.  The bay side of the long rectangle and the and the two end caps has weed beds and little or no current that can hold Largemouth. 


Cold water and little weed growth today but still started with a popper and got nothing.  I was hoping to find White Bass action by the eddies on the island ends and on the deep river current side of the island.  I switched to a big Musky-Bass Spinner Bait that will catch or draw follows from about anything.  I got 5 Rock Bass and an 18 inch pike on the south end of the island.  On the north end I found some attractive weed and rock structure and got a good but sluggish bass.  I switched to a 3/0  Chartreuse Marabou Banger and got another bass.  He missed it twice close to the kayak before getting it on the third attack.

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