Bass Hitting 5/0 Poppers, Belleville and Hudson Lakes November 3 & 4, 2022

Fished Belleville and Hudson lakes Thursday evening and Friday Afternoon and evening.  Bass were hitting the 5/0 Chartreuse Bullet Dog fished maximum force rips so it tore up the surface making Pop, Chug, Slashing noise as well as darting randomly of at sideways angles or downward plunges.  I was trying to bring up a fall Musky which are stocked in both lakes.  I saw no fishermen and got two 12  inch and 2 15 inch smallmouth on Belleville Lake.  Many more bass some bigger hit or rushed the big floating diver. 

This 18 inch bass from Hudson Lake has a healed bite wound below her dorsal fin and the spine in the tail seems to be broken right behind the anal fin, the tail is on crooked and looks too small.

There were 5 boats and another kayak on Hudson lake, at least one boat and the kayak were casting for Musky.  I got the 18 inch bass and lost a 14 incher.  Some Bluegills and Carp basking just under the surface in both lakes.

The Chartreuse Bullet Dog I use these two day would not do a neat side to side walk the dog action but the violent random lunges I got from it with short very sharp rips tore up the surface and got hit by the bass.

The White Bullet Dog on the left came out with a longer lower forehead.  I tried last week on the lower Raisin River had a 100% wide, side to side glide bait action that was quiet and smooth.

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