20) 10mm Yellow Glo-Beads take Browns behind Spawning Salmon.

Center Pin Beads Center Pin Jigs Steelhead & Salmon

Lots of big and small Salmon jumping at Tippy Dam above the coffer on Sept 27:  I saw a 6 pound and a 17 inch Brown caught.  Below the coffer, I got two 14 inch Browns and lost a bright 6 lb bright Coho or Steelhead on 10mm Yellow Spot on Painted Glo-Beads,  Above the coffer, I also fair hooked a big salmon and caught an 11 inch rainbow on a new Brown Balanced jig tie.  I was fishing not so deep under the bobber and only foul hooked one salmon.  A Balance jig will hang horizontally and drift and jig naturally under a float or indicator.  It can also be Fly Cast and swung or retrieved effectively.

  • Balanced Intruder Jig
  • Hook     #4 jig 90 degree
  • Head    4.5mm Black Brass Dumbbell eyes Balance tied to front of the jig hook
  • Thread  Black for tying body and eyes, Fire Orange 140D for colar
  • Dubbing   Black Peacock dubbing balls to support and spread Tail and Collar Marabou wraps
  • Tail  2 turns of marabou, one strand Black Pearl Flashabou folded to each side
  • Collar  4 turns marabou, two strands Back Pearl Flashabou folded to each side
  • Body  Black Peal Flashabou wrapped over black thread base.


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