22) Lower AuSable Bass Oct 23

Center Pin Jigs Mopworm Jigs

On the end of the pier several guys were casting spoons, plugs, jigs or fishing minnows.  They caught or hooked a couple of smallmouth, one guy caught a very long Sheephead that was in extremely bad health due to age, disease or maybe having been gut hooked some time ago.  I caught an stout 18 inch bass and lost a smaller one.  4 to 6 foot swells were rolling in and bouncing back and forth between the two pier heads making for a very action packed bobber presentation.  The fish came to a #6 White Mopworm Jig set to 11 feet below the bobber. 

Using the same tackle set up, further back in the channel, just below the boat launch it was much calmer.  I fished a pattern of three taps followed by 3 seconds of still slow drift and got 2 more hits.  One bass about 19 inches got off and I landed another 12 inches long. 

Up River, I fished Yellow Beads through two big spawning gravel runs and saw ZERO signs of any salmon!!   WTF??

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