Wakeley ReDo, Bug Worm Popper is Born

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Wakely Lake is a long drive and a long way to drag a kayak full of fly gear just to land a few (6) bass12 to 16 inches.  I was busy with many smaller  bass, a couple bluegills and a pumpkinseed.  

 The best pattern was to cast Poppers to lily pad edges across deep, scattered, upward growing pond weed.  Then 3 pops and a pause.  Today, like last week, a Lime Chartreuse Bug Popper pattern was much better than black.  Fishing deep with a bead head Clouser (Popovic's Jiggy) in Chartreuse and White got a small pike and fast action on small bass.  Poppers got hit by small pike and 3 were cut off.  

 The HookUp Popper would fish snag free through mixed Lily pads and bull rush cover and get lots of hits.  It missed hooking most hits and hooked bass would tangle it in the thick weed cover and easily shake it free.

 At dusk a spin fisherman caught a big fat bass over 20 inches.  Any time there has been a gear fisherman who knew how to fish finesse plastics, they out fished me for big bass.  I had tried deep with a Bead Head Black Mop worm Leech and it got no hits.

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