7) Up North Musky on Popper Pattern, June 7 & 8

Kayak Musky Musky Banger Popper

Fished my my new Musky, flash bang version of Bob's Banger.  It was a convincing success although I got few fish landed to show off.  The 5/0 White Banger got blown up by 2 big Muskies, and got cellphone video of one.  That Musky actually came at the popper twice, hitting it well enough the second time to get stuck by the hook for about a second.  Also juvenile muskies, small mouth bass and small-medium pike hit it on the retrieve or in the figure 8.  Bad luck getting the 5/0 hook to catch and set deep enough to hold.  I tried it both barbed and with a  broken barb.

  • Hook:    5/0 VMC 7250BN Predator
  • Thread:  210 Chartreuse Flat Waxed Nylon or similar
  • Glue:      Liquid Fusion polyurethane for tying, anythhing will hold the head on
  • Tail:   White Yak Hair hollow tied around top 2/3 of shank (8:00 to 4:00 OClock)
  • Flash:  Wide Holo Sivler, Opal Magnum Flashabou folded to sides and on top
  • Shoulder #1:  like the tail but Shorter Hollow tied Yak 8:00 to 4:00, repeat flash
  • Layer #2:  Bucktail 8:00 to 4:00, repeat folded flash
  • Layer #3: Pearl Ice Wing, Large Clump (55% back 45% forward)
  • Head:  Half a large (15/16 inch) diameter white cylinder
  • Holo Silver Prism Tape Wrapped around head.
  • Gill:   a single center stripe of red nail polish along the bottom
  • Eyes:  Two 3/8 Chartreuse-Black stick on eyes 
All the tail and shoulder dressings have to fit behind the thread covered shank reserved for length of the foam head.  To mount the foam cylinder I poke a hole along the bottom edge of the foam cylinder.  Later the head is glued to the thread covered bare shank forced into this hole.  


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