6) Marabou Prototype Bob's Banger Pattern on Sterling State Park Bass

Bass Poppers Kayak Bass

Prototype Bob's Marabou Banger Popper got hit relentlessly.  Last time, I lost the video I got here of bass busting my Popping Wedge when I soaked my phone on the relaunch for the difficult relaunch on the portage back.  Hence this rematch. Today the bass are not hitting well.  I got one bass trying several colors and styles of poppers.  When the sun got lower and I arrived at the best spawning habitat, I needed to change my fly.  A flashy white marabou version of Bob's Banger caught my eye and it started getting hit regularly.  I got some of the hits on video.

The first bass photo, a simpler white marabou popper got the hit.  I got about a dozen later on the Marabou Banger,  but I didn't get the video of two of the best ones (18 inches) that hit on consecutive casts.

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