Tying Clousers and Poppers for Large & Smallmouth Rush

Sunday, up in river in clear water over shy fish the Banjo Minnow did well.  the 1/0 White Marabou Banger worked well on Small Mouth Bass in a shallow weedy Back water.  The White foam Diver worked well there last year.  Friday I will give the Flash Divers and other colors of the flies in the photo a shot.  I should also try some bead head Swimming Hex and similar natural fur Sculpins.

Resupplying popper inventory with work horse 3/0 Marabou Bangers in White and Chartreuse.  Heads for 1/0 Divers and 5/0 Musky Hollow tie versions  The Purple heads are for either Purple or Black versions.  I'm adding a 2/0 Marabou Banger with a wider, shorter 5/8 inch cylinder head, same Diameter as the 3/0 Marabou Banger.  Now the 2/0 pops better and last Friday it worked very well on Largemouth in a southern Saginaw Bay Tributary.  Last Sunday the small 1/2 inch diameter heads on short 1/0 hooks worked very well for Small Mouth in a shallow weedy backwater.

Plans for new Clousers ties and a Hexy Crawdad for Smallmouth and Great Lakes Carp.

Hexy Crawdad

  • Hook:   #4 or #2 Down Eye or 60 Degree Jig Hook
  • Body Thread:  210 D  UV Shell Pink
  • Head Thread:  140 D Fire Orange
  • Eyes:  Black Dumbbell,  Lead, Brass, or light Bead Chain to match depth
  • Tail:  2 to 6 Brown Silicon Rubber strands
  • Gills:  Dun Grey Saddle Hackle Fluff.  Part back with tail, rest pulled over body
  • Body:  Spiky Tan Dubbing or Estaz
  • Body Legs:  Brown Silicone Rubber Legs
  • Wing:   Natural Brown Bucktail
The prototype of this, an unweighted version easily lured 3 big Great Lakes carp when cast in their path and allowed to slowly fall in front of them.  This is tied Clouser style with the hook flipped over so the brown bucktail wing is tied in the hook gap to flip the fly over to fish Hook Up.


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