15) Bass & Pike on Popper Pattern North Channel, August 16

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I used Poppers most of the day, all the hits were on variations of White Bob's Bangers. I got 4 nice fish, 1 Pike, two 18 inch Largemouth, a nice Smallmouth along with a smaller 12 inch Largemouth.  I also had a brief hot spurt on the 3/0 White Marabou Banger when I lost 2 good large mouth and got another 18 incher. 

The second cast of the early morning with a 5/0 10 inch Wake Banger got hit on a rapid strip retrieve just under the surface.  The beautifully colored pike took it as crossed over the deep drop off from a shallow weed bed with a spectacular airborne strike.  100 yards down the shore, a big bass hit it cast to the wall of phragmites on about the 3rd pop as it came up against a bullrush stalk.  Nothing until much later when close to the mouth of the north channel, the largemouth bass briefly turned on to a 3/0 White Marabou Banger up against the shoreline.  They mostly hit on a long dead stick pause on the end of the retrieve about 15 feet from the Kayak.   Later the wind died and on the mirror surface, out in the current over 10 feet of clear water, I got the good smallmouth on a small 2/0 White Marabou Banger on the pause at the end of the retrieve. 

The day before, I tested the flies below and all had great action.  This Wake Banger has the face cut at a 15 degree diving angle and will run just under the surface on a quick retrieve.  I tested them on an intermediate line with heave fluorocarbon leader with only a short tippet of 12 pound test.  The Marabou Wobbler had a super wiggly action with a quick bounce back to the surface.  It can be worked as a popper also.  Today, on a floating line and a long leader of 12 pound fluorocarbon, the wobbler was harder to get below the surface and would not wobble correctly.  

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