23) Oct 23, Nov 1 & 8: Center Pin Jig Paterns for Coho, Steelhead & many Brown Trout

Center Pin Jigs Opal Minnow Jig Rubber Leg Fox Fur Jig Steelhad Beads

October 23, one for two for very hot steelhead on Yellow or Orange Candy Corn Glow Beads.  The smaller Steelhead was a very well fed, solid 21.5 inch male.  He was delicious.  I got 8 browns, most of them on white jigs.

November  1, Slow tough day, I foul hooked a steelhead.. Late in the day two guys also using center pin tackle came in below me, one guy was quickly one for two on good steelhead that hit his brown jig with yellow head and yellow rubber legs.  I switched form beads to white jigs and started hitting browns quickly.  finished with 8 browns for the day.

November 8, I got two Coho & a dozen Browns, lost a good Steelhead. 

Brown trout around 11 inches were biting well on jigs under a bobber and a few hit beads.  One good steelhead aggressively hit the Brown Fox Rubber Leg Jig while I retrieved it downstream and toward shore to keep it above the bad rock snags close to shore. The Steelhead fought close, jumped high, then beat me by running out line faster than I was yielding it to him. The week before, I had hit a couple of trout doing the same retrieve with white jigs or beads.  Normally  dragging the drift downstream or across the current works good for trout but is not a great way to catch steelhead unless they are very active in warmer water.

 I got two Coho, one on the Brown Fox Jig and the other on an Insta-Jig White Opal Bucktail. 



The Insta-Jig White Opal Bucktail tied on a broken barb hook, has be great at hooking and landing 100% of the several Browns and one Coho that hit it.

  • Hook    #6 Eagle Claw 054SS bent down eye
  • Bead    Silver 1/8 Tungsten Insta-Jig
  • Body Thread    Chartreuse
  • Tail       2 strands of Opal Mirage tinsel and one strand of thread
  • Body    Opal Mirage wrapped over chartrreuse thread base
  • Wing     Fine White Bucktail, medium sparse
  • Wing Flash    Opal Mirage, one strand each side
  • Coltar Thread   Fire Orange 140D to tie down bucktail and wing flash


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