Tough Day on Eagle Bay, Group Effort Found Fish. #2 of 4

Bass Clouser Minnow Patterns Kayak Bass Smallmouth

I started out early covering a lot of water, finding no fish, seeing no beds.  I caught a fish while casting during a random down wind drift. After anchoring to fight it and making a cast from there I got  a better fish.

Eagle Bay Small Mouth brown Clouser Fly

Nothing for the next 2 hours as I explored far and wide.  I saw that the three amigos, Todd, Ken and Scott were getting fish closer to shore.  I anchored on the left flank of the conga line and I also started hooking fish on a couple of brown Clousers.  They were using pink flies including the Barbie Clouser.  They were raving about pink flies so while I was fighting fish, I had to remind them that the fish would hit other colors.

Eagle bay Smallmouth Clouser Fly Pattern


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