Tippy Dam Salmon & Steelhead November 3, 2023

Light fishing pressure.  In the fast and difficult upstream water, half a dozen center pin guys fishing Beads under floats were catching and releasing a lot of Coho, big Steelhead and Brown Trout running10 to 17 inches.  Using beads under floats, just below them in easier water, I got a Steelhead and two Cohos. 

Tippy SteelHead UV Orange 8mm Bead

Tippy Coho Float Fishing 10mm Pink Candy Corn

Tippy Coho 8mm Painted Pink Glow Bead, Float Fishing 11/3/23

Tippy King 1/32oz #6 Nuke Minnow Jig, Float Fishing 11/3/23


Late in the day, downstream in the slow water tailout, a big spent King hen took a #6 Nuke Minnow Jig.

 The Steelhead took an 8 mm Big Hole UV Orange Bead. The big Coho came on a 10mm Pink Candy Corn painted Glow Bead.  The other Coho on an 8mm UV Pink painted Glow Bead.  I hooked and lost a few fish on various 8mm beads.  I hooked 2 fish early on a # 6 Big Brown Rubber Leg Jig, they got off. Otherwise I couldn't get two fish to hit the same bead or jig.

This brown took a 10mm version of my Orange Candy Corn Painted Glow Bead.  I hooked and lost another Brown on a #6 White Mop Worn Jig.

Tippy Brown 10mm Orange Candy Corn Bead, 11/3/23

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