Tippy Dam Church Camp April 20 to 23, 2023

I landed 4 Hens but lost many more, Saturday they were hitting  Dark Brown Rubber Leg Jigs in the style that many guys tie for Tippy Dam.  This one uses dark Racoon Tail instead of Marabou.

Thursday I was 2 for 4, slow bite with no pattern until I hooked 3 fish on 10mm Chartreuse beads in fast deep water.

 I got 3 smallmouth on jigs.

Saturday they were hitting dark brown Rubber legged jigs, I lost 4 that ran downstream over the coffer dam, I broke another one off trying to hold him back.

Sunday 10mm or 8mm Glow Apricot (Orange) beads with a pink spot were hot for a while in fast deep water. Several Steelhead got off the hook.


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