Stick Marsh, Lake Egan C&R Bass Fishery

I launched from the unofficial Kayak Launch in Gator Cove of Lake Egan.  It turns out that 4 foot gators fleeing behind the cat tails make the same thrashing noises as spawning carp.  The Ramp to Stick Marsh is right here but the motor boats have to go miles around the dikes to get to this corner of Lake Egan.  Out along the down wind, sheltered side of Big Gator Point,  I wasted a good amount of the afternoon trying top water.

Big Gator Tail on Lake Egan C&R FL Bass Fishery

This is the tail of a big Gator that tried for a minute to bet back out of sight behind the thick grass cover.  He couldn't get anywhere and just hunkered down right there. 

Gator Point, Lake Egan C&R Bass Fishery

A couple of big gators were basking here and other spot along the way but disappeared when I wasn't looking.  The 1/0 Pale Yellow Great Lakes Jiggy hooked maybe 6 bass, some got off that were bigger than this one.  Other colors of the same pattern got no hits.

Lake Egan FL bass on 1/0 Great Lakes Jiggy fly from Kayak

This small BowFin fought very well and took the same Pale Yellow G.L. Jiggy

Lake Egan FL C&R Bass Fishery, Small BowFin, 1/0 Pale Yelo GL Jiggy


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