Slow day at Tahquamenon, One Musky Rushed 3 different Poppers.

Friday October 15

I was fishing the 5/0 Chartreuse Banger Waker-Popper through a spot I had not seen fish before, a big Musky arched his full body out of the water as she seemed to swim through the Popper without getting it in her mouth.  5 minutes later I came back with a 5/0 Black Popping Wedge, which she rushed but turned away only leaving a momentary bulge of water below the popper.

An hour later I came back with a 5/0 Yellow Baitfish Bob's Banger, about 40 yards from where I found that musky, she or another musky made a hard rush on the popper, turning away to leave the popper floating in a large boil.

I caught nothing till the afternoon when a 20 inch pike grabbed a 7 inch 5/0 Chartreuse Popper-Diver close to the kayak, I pulled hard, straight up.  That is a good way to loose a fish, and he quickly came off.

Later on my second run though that area, a similar pike took a 5/0 Natural Yellowish Popper.  He fought very hard downward while I pulled up hard.  He turned suddenly upward and came straight up 4 feet out of the water next to the nose of the kayak.  He immediately dived down to got tangled in wood deep in a rapid current flow.  With the kayak stalled crosswise down current, I handlined at a low angle, towing the wood some distance down stream.  He managed to get him free of the snag.  He was an impressive 20 inch specimen with a long jaw line studded with big teeth.  He stormed out of this photo shoot. He hook loose of the Rapala jaw clamp tool, shook the hook free.  No Photo.


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