Popular Golden Gate Park Canal, Peacock Bass

Pictured bass is similar to largest caught at Golden Gate Canal which was caught on small 1/0 White Dive Banger.

Peacock Bass are expanding their range in South Florida.  Near Naples, the Canals connected to Golden Gate Park were easy to find.  The main canal was large but with some shoreline weed bed patches.  A narrower side branch canal had more weeds.  A bass boat passed by me there and a half minute later a bass came up to blitz some minnows on the surface.  A cast and quick retrieve with a small white Clouser got a 13 inch peacock.  Forgot the phone so no photos. 

Further up, this canal hit a T,  the cross canal had more weeds and lots of minnows.  There  I got hits from small Peacocks on several flies I tried.  A top water 1/0 White Dive Banger was getting hit so I stuck with it and got a nice 17 incher.  Later while bringing in a small peacock, a huge fish rushed it right next to the kayak.  Likely it was a big Snook or maybe a really big Peacock Bass.

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