May 5 Tippy Steelhead Hitting Beads

 I was 2 for "4" with an asterisk on that 4 because the first steelhead I landed I had actually hooked twice.  It had the bead hooked to its mouth of the fish I had recently broke off thinking that it was foul hooked.

Skilled bottom bouncers were racking up 10+ fish days.  The spot I was standing in was obviously good for landing 10+ fish to any capable bottom bouncer using beads.  I haven't bottom bounced since just before Fluorocarbon came on the seen and have not missed snagging up on the bottom.

Some less capable fishermen were taking the wrong lesson from the day and dialing in bad technique that led to foul hooking lots of fish.  I thought I saw someone keep a foul hooked fish down stream but I kept my mouth shut because it was too far away to be sure it was definitely foul hooked.  The limit this year is one fish so the damage to the resource is limited.


I also got 2 nice browns 12 to 14 inches that went for the natural looking pale yellow beads.  I am hoping for lower water flows and going back to a 2 bead rig with the point bead presented with more finesse 3 feet of leader.

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