April 28 8mm Beads, 6 Steelhead Landed

The day was kind of a blur, I hooked a lot of fish on beads, landed 5 of those, landed one hooked on a jig.  The hot bead color seemed frequently to be the next bead I changed to.   All shades of dull or UV pale yellow up to very bright saturated UV yellow had some hot streak as well as an intense UV clear orange.  When you change beads it requires resting the water for a couple of minutes.  That can add to the effectiveness of showing the fish something new.   I was using a simple one bead rig with the point shot only 10 to 14 inches from the bead to get it down quickly in the turbulent deeper water behind a shallower rock garden.  Freqently if I stuck some lead on a rock, when I pulled off there would be a fair hooked steelhead on.

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