Lots of Steelhead in Big Manistee River

Float Fishing Mopworm Jigs Steehead Steelhead Jigs

March 25, I landed only 2 out of a total of 6 fish I was pretty sure were fair hooked.  A couple of others seemed they were likely foul hooked.

Plagued by Leader Line and Operator issues.  Only saw one fish that I lost, that was a sleek big bight hen who fought stubbornly, then ripped off a run with a slashing leap at the end.  She hit a #6 Golden Nugget Bubble Egg fish as a trailer 3 feet behind a bead.  All the other hits were on Jigs: #8 1/64 ounce Black Stonefly Jig, #6 1/32 ounce Brown Rubber Legged Jig, 3 hooked on 1/48 ounce #6 White Mopworm Jig, also hooked a brown on a #8 Brown BigHole Demon Jig.

There were lots of fish racing around breaking the surface, not so much setting up in lies where they might be territorial or get interested in opportunistic feeding on what might drift by in the current.

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